When are the Best Time for the Acceptance of Supplication (Dua'a)

1. Last third portion of the Night (Tahajjud). [Muslim, 757; Dawud, Book 4 Hadith 1272, Sahih by Albani; Bukhari, Book 9 Vol 93 Hadith 586]

2. After the conclusion of Obligatory (Fard) Salah. [Tirmidhi 3510, Hasan by Albani]

3. Between Adhan and Iqamah. [Dawud, Book 2 Hadith 521, Sahih by Albani]

4. At the time of Adhan, Fighting in the way of Allah and when it is Raining. [Abu Dawood 2540 also Sahih Al Jami 3079.; [Saheeh al-Jaami’ (3078)]

5. On Friday, from after Asr till the setting of the sun. [Tirmidhi 489, Hasan by Albani; Dawud, Book 3 Hadith 1041, Sahih by Albani; Tirmidhi 491, Sahih by Albani]
6. On Friday, between the time when the Imam sits down and the end of the prayer. [Muslim, Book 4 Hadith 1855]

7. In Laylat Al Qadar [Ibn Majah 3840, Sahih by Albani]

8. When Drinking Zamzam Water. [Ibn Majah 3062, Hasan by Albani also Sahih Al Jami 5502.]

9. When Hear Crowing of Cock [Bukhari, Book 4 Vol 54 Hadith 522 and Muslim, Book 35 Hadith 6581]

10. When Calamity Befalls [Muslim in his Saheeh (918)]

11. During visit to a Sick Person. [Muslim (919)]

12. When the Soul of the Deceased has been taken [Narrated by Muslim. 2732.]

13. When the Sun has passed its Zenith and before Zuhr [Tirmidhi 478, Sahih by Albani.]

14. When going to bed at Night [Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1154.]

And Allah Knows Best *


Kalonji Balm