Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)'s Family Tree

Thought I'd share it again as it's important to know the beautiful family of Our Rasool (s.a.w.)

Note, when people ask about Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and his wives (Our Mothers) (r.a.), make sure you know that most of them were married for non-carnal reasons i.e. not for his personal desires, but more so he (s.a.w.) married for - - Protecting Widows
- Creating Harmony Amongst Non-Muslims and Muslims
- Other reasons to create Social Stability
If you notice, He (s.a.w.) had most of his children with his FIRST Wife - Khadijah (r.a.) and the only other child was with another wife (r.a.)

So the point of Aisha (r.a.) being married by Rasool'Allah (s.a.w.) for his desire is a total falsehood, but rather their marriage was to create an even special bond between Rasool'Allah (s.a.w.) and Abu Bakr (r.a.). And also the fact that most of the Hadiths are narrated by Aisha (r.a.) - i.e. as she was young she remembered and could teach afterwards. Alhumdulilah

The Family Tree of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)

Listed are -
* Grandparents
* Parents (Biological and Foster)
* Wives (13)
* Children (7 -> 3 sons & 4 daughters)
* Children's Spouses
* Grandchildren (5)

The wives of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) are also called the 'Mothers of the Mu'min (Believers)' and rightly so. As it was indeed a woman who was the first person who accepted Islam from Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.).

From Khadijah (r.a.) to Aisha (r.a.) and finally to Mariyam (r.a.), all the wives played a major role in the Prophet (s.a.w.)'s life and after his passing too.

Then we have the children of the Prophet (s.a.w.). The 3 sons Qasim, Abdullah and Ibraheem all passed away very young. The daughters were again very important as from them came His (s.a.w.)'s Grandchildren, from whom two - Hassan (r.a.) and Hussein (r.a.) were again essential in keeping the word of Allah (s.w.t.) and His Messenger (s.a.w.) going strong.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) is THE ROLE MODEL we as Muslims and even Non-Muslims should follow if we want to have a Just, Modest and Fruitful Life.

For the Sisters - The wives are/should be your role models as they were the Best Women just like Hazrat Maryam (The mother of Hazrat Isa (a.s.).


Kalonji Balm