Islam says “one who kills an innocent people, he / she kills the whole mankind “ . So, If you are a man by whom a let of Muslims or non-Muslims have been killed in the mean time . You  should  think that it is not the work of Islam or  the great prophet Muhammad (sm ) .
Islam always works for peace and to protect human rights
I want to request my dear non – Muslims brothers and sister that Islam dose not reflect properly in present Muslim society . Islam actually lies in the Qur'an and Hadis please,  study the Qur'an and Hadis and you will see the real Islam.  At last, I want to say that Islam is an ideal. It is not only for the Muslims . It is for the whole mankind. Islam respects all the world.

New American movie insulting the greatest man in history , the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him ,

I will say : you can do whatever you want since you are a powerful country (even you lost 2 wars against Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq) , but since our governments are cowards , you can act freely.

i feel pity for many innocent American people who will be hated by the world because of those stupid irresponsible acts of haters ...

Those enemies of Islam lost all debates against Muslims that is why they started an impolite war against Islam
Come and make debates with Muslims if you think that you are right ! why don't you dare trying ?

Muhammad peace be upon him is the best man in history , and he is in the highest rank in paradise ,


Kalonji Balm