♥ Dua For My Future Husband ♥

♥ O Allah! Please protect and guide my Future Husband as he continues along the path YOU have chosen for him…
 ♥ O Allah! Give him the courage to follow in Your Light. And feel your love wherever he goes…
 ♥ O Allah! Make him strong and give him the strength to make good decisions in the coming year..
 ♥ O Allah! Keep him free from illness and sadness. For he is a truly good person who deserves Happiness and success in all aspects of Life..
 ♥ We know that Life is like a book, with each new chapter, We learn and grow towards, What You would have us be..
 ♥ O Allah! Remove his all past sins and make him your obedient servant.
 ♥ O Allah! Help us to spend our life according to Quran & Sunnah & Join us in both worlds.
 Aameen ya Rabb!!

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