10 Rules To A Better Life ♥

 ♥ Never hate, purify your heart.
 ♥ Don’t worry, rely on Allah.
 ♥ Live simply, life will be easy IN SHA ALLAH!
 ♥ Expect a little, be happy whatever you got, say ALHAMDULILLAH!
 ♥ More you give, more you get, you will be blessed IN SHA ALLAH!
 ♥ Always smile, smile is a charity, others will feel happy when with you.
 ♥ Live with love, love others for the sake of Allah.
 ♥ More you Pray, more you will get blessed.
 ♥ Share your knowledge, even if you know one verse from the Quran.
 ♥ Remember Allah often, your heart will find the rest ))

★ I N S H A A L L A H Aameen............

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