Islam says “one who kills an innocent people, he / she kills the whole mankind “ . So, If you are a man by whom a let of muslims or non-muslims have been killed in the mean time . You  should  think that it is not the work of Islam or  the great prophet Muhammad (sm ) .

Islam always works for peace and to protect human rights
I want to request my dear non – Muslims brothers and sister that Islam dose not reflect properly in present muslim society . Islam actually lies in the Quran and Hadis please,  study the Quran and Hadis and you will see the real Islam.  At last, I want to say that Islam is an ideal. It is not only for the Muslims . It is for the whole mankind. Islam respects all the world.
It respects all the great leaders of the world. It respects the great prophet zisu, the great prophet moses and all other prophet. Islam wants to benefit the whole mankind. Now –a-day’s terrorism is a burning question of the world. Everyday a lot of people has to die for terrorism. It is a matter of sorrow that some so called Muslims are involved in terrorism. In this case, we deeply believe that a real Muslim can not cause terrorism in a any part of the world. That man is a real Muslim who love the whole mankind, every nation and every religion. If a man observes the life of

Muhammad (sm), he was dead against terrorism. On the other hand, he uprooted terrorism from society by loving and servicing the people. A bad woman of Makka City spread thorns on the passing way Muhammad (sm). Sometimes he became wound and suffered much. Seeing the suffering of Muhammad (sm) ,  that lady laughed and laughed .This condition was running days after days.
The great Prophet Muhammad (sm) found that his passing way was free from those for a few days,  the great prophet thought that leady might be ill.  Without delay,  he went to the lady’s house and found that the lady was actually very much sick . The lady became very afraid. But the great prophet did not give her any punishment. He gave her food and managed proper treatment.  The lady became very cured soon . This true and historical story proves that the great prophate Muhammad (sm) defeated terrorism loving the people .
A lot of events like this story are found in the life of Muhammad (sm) .So,  being a comrade of Muhammad (sm) ,  A Muslim can not be a terrorist. In the quran, in the Hadise or in the life of Sahabi (Comrade of Muhammad (sm)  ) , no trace of terrorism is found.  It is historically true that Islam was preached in Asia, Africa, Europe or other part of the world by the good works of the muslim preachers. So,  If you are a real Muslim, you are to work against terrorism. You are to know that Islam is an anti-terrorism Ideal


Kalonji Balm