Bringing Up Children In Islam by Sheikh Abdullah Nasih 'Ulwaan



Translation of the abridged version of Shaikh Abdullah Ulwan's book. A comprehensive treatment that includes discussion of physical, psychological, social, moral, intellectual, and spiritual needs of children.

Shaikh Abdullah Naasih Ulwaan of Saudi Arabia wrote the famous "Tarbiyatul Awlad fil Islaam". Well-known Pakistani scholar Dr. Muhammad Habibullah Mukhtaar translated it into Urdu and produced a condensed edition to make it more accessible for a wider audience. This English edition is a very good translation of the Urdu work. He writes: “My aim is that this invaluable gem may find a place in every home. Every person may easily refer and read, understand and benefit from it.”

This book takes an easy approach to the fundamental principles of upbringing and the manner and rules of training. It discusses the subject of rearing and training from every angle. The book contains guidelines on imparting religious discipline, character building, spiritual education, intellectual growth, and physical instruction. It suggests ways to mould the child’s personality in the right direction, morally, psychologically, and socially.

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