✦ Dhul-Hijjah: a SEASON of WORSHIP! ✦

"Just like Allah has made some months superior to others..., He has made some days and night superior to others. Dhul-Hijjah is amongst those few!

And there is no such virtuous seasons, except that Allah has (prescribed) some acts of obedience (for that season), through which, the slave grows closer to Him!

And in these seasons, Allah has (special) grants/blessings - which are achieved by the one, upon whom Allah bestows His Favor/Kindness and Mercy.

So, the FORTUNATE is he, who makes the MOST of these seasons; months, days and hours - and grows closer to His Lord by (these prescribed) acts of obedience, in the hope to achieve one of those grants/blessings - and so, he will be very delighted, and be safe from the fire, and what is in it of scorching."

Ibn Rajab, al-Lataaif


Kalonji Balm